Sherlock Holmes 4

During the Sherlock Holmes Press Conference in London, it was inevitable for a question to be asked about the possible return of Sherlock Holmes’s arch nemeses, Lord Moriarty, for the next installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise.

When Joel Silver was asked “Will Moriarty be at the centre of things in the possible next installment?” he was very coy in his response….

“The question haven’t been answered yet, so we have left that up to ourselves to answer, so there is no real response to that question”

Then, Robert Downey Jr. added in his usual charming and yet smart-ass manner:

Suffice to say, I have casting approval.”

This certainly coincides with rumors circling around about Brad Pitt being asked to play the role of Lord Moriarty by Robert Downey Jr. himself. In the film itself, there are plenty of question left unanswered for the impending sequel, which depends on the success of this film.

Personally, if they are looking for an actor to play Lord Moriarty, it should have been Mark Strong, but since he was already the main villain, Lord Blackwood, in Sherlock Holmes, I doubt they’ll be able to have he come back.

At the moment, Guy Ritchie isn’t signed up to do another Sherlock Holmes as he is signed on to do an adaptation of Lobo, again with Silver and with Warner Brothers. But he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of making another Sherlock Holmes film himself. So it all hinges on how much money this film is able to pull in.

Would Lord Moriarty make a good villain in the second Sherlock Holmes film? If so, who do you think should play him?