Quentin Tarantino on the set of Inglourious Basterds

All day we’ve been hearing from various critics regarding what they think are the best films and performances of 2009, but how about something from a filmmaker’s perspective? Writer-director Quentin Tarantino is never shy about his favorite movies, so he recently shared his Top 8 Films of 2009 with The Hollywood Reporter.

First off, Tarantino couldn’t include his own work, Inglourious Basterds because that would be tasteless right? He also confessed that he hadn’t seen Invictus, Avatar, or The Lovely Bones but plans on doing so fairly soon.

Tarantino’s Top Films of 2009 (So Far)

1. Star Trek
2 Drag Me To Hell
3. Funny People
4. Up in the Air
5. Chocolate
6. Observe and Report
7. Precious
8. An Education

A few of these choices are welcomed surprises, such as Sam Raimi‘s Drag Me to Hell and the controversial Observe and Report. Star Trek has found its way on many critical lists this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it earns some SAG recognition when their nominees are announced later this week. Funny People on the other hand, received mixed reviews when it hit theaters this summer. It’s one of those film that you either hate or love, there is no in between.

What do you think of Quentin Tarantino’s top films of 2009? Do you agree or disagree?