Following in the footsteps of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Dark Knight, James Cameron‘s Avatar will debut in both conventional and IMAX theaters when its released this Friday, December 18th. The 3-D spectacle will have the widest IMAX opening ever in both domestic and international markets.

This past summer Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince popped up in 161 domestic IMAX theaters, and about 70 international. Avatar will up the ante by appearing in 178 domestic and 83 international IMAX theaters for a total of 261, making it the company’s widest release to date. Director James Cameron feels that IMAX will allow viewers to see the film in the best possible way thanks to the sound and picture quality that the venues have to offer.

“Our goal with ‘Avatar’ is to revolutionize live-action 3D moviemaking, and it looks and sounds incredible in IMAX 3D,” said director James Cameron. “The larger field of view and powerful surround sound of an IMAX theater will immerse the audience in a way that cannot be experienced anywhere else.”

According to IMAX, the film is already showing a strong pre-show standing with early ticket sales.

“This movie represents the essence of The IMAX Experience, which is to transport people to places they normally couldn’t go,” said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. “Moviegoers can experience this movie in IMAX 3D in more theaters than ever before, and we’re already seeing strong pre-sales and sold out shows beyond opening weekend.”

Every movie that comes out doesn’t need to be released in IMAX, but Avatar is an exception to that rule. This is one of the few times where the movie and the technology go hand and hand. As much as we’ve been hearing about this film and how it’s going to revolutionize filmmaking, this would be the time to cough up the extra dollars for that “experience.”

Do you plan on seeing Avatar in regular or IMAX theaters?

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