ghostbusters 3 spoilers sigourney weaver

Amongst the heavy promotion for Avatar, Sigourney Weaver let some primo information slip. Over the past few months there’s been word that Ghostbusters 3 is in the works, and every one of the original cast members are ready to reprise their roles except for Bill Murray. In a recent interview Weaver may have let the cat out of the bag, as to what Murray’s involvement will be.

Weaver spoke to the UK’s Channel 4 news, and revealed that Bill Murray will have an integral part in the third film. Here’s what she had to say,

“I’m afraid to say it [Ghostbusters 3] is happening, I hope people are excited about that. I don’t know if I’m going to be in it, I have had a couple of calls asking ‘would you read the script. I know that my little son Oscar – who was kidnapped from me – I think he has grown up to be a ghostbuster. I might be in it; I see nothing wrong with being in it, although I don’t think I will have a big part. I think Bill Murray has a little more to do with it – he’s a ghost.”

Does anyone else feel old knowing that Oscar will be an adult making his way through Ghostbusters training?

The biggest thing to take from this is Bill Murray’s involvement. Obviously he’s been written into whatever bit of story they have, and he’ll be a ghost. This could be considered a spoiler, but there’s a certain amount of irony in making a Ghostbuster a ghost don’t you think? Even though his name is mentioned, we don’t know for sure that he’ll do the movie. And what about the other guys? What will they be doing while Ghost Dad is floating in between spiritual planes?

What do you think of the latest Ghostbusters spoilers?