new moon meet volturi clip

The drama behind the accidental New Moon bootlegging incident has come to an end. Weeks ago a Chicago woman was arrested for having footage from the film on her digital camera and even though she insisted that she had no intention of bootlegging the movie, she still ended up in jail.

According to THR, Cook County prosecutors announced Friday in court that they won’t pursue charges against Samantha Tumpach. She was previously arrested on November 28th for recording less than 4 minutes of New Moon on her camera. As her defense, she stated that she was taping her sister’s birthday party and wasn’t trying to record the movie. Her story made national headlines and even caught the attention of New Moon director Chris Weitz.

Weitz wrote an email defending the woman, stating that she obviously had no intention of recording the film for illegal purposes. “He told the Chicago Sun-Times there’s a difference between trying to protect a copyright and prosecuting someone who didn’t mean to commit video piracy.”

I think it’s ironic that the police pressed this woman so hard for footage that didn’t even contain consecutive shots from the film. She had two segments recorded and the rest were mixed with images of her family and friends. Who would buy that? If they really want to crack down on bootlegging, they should check the post production houses that edit these movies. Everyone knows that’s where all the clear copies come from.

Do you think the police overreacted in this case?