The Hobbit

Every week it seems like The Hobbit becomes the center of attention regarding its casting, budget and everything else under the sun. The last update we got for the film was from producer Peter Jackson, and he stated that every role was set to be recast except for Ian Mckellen‘s Gandalf. This had people worried because he made no mention of poor Andy Serkis as Gollum, so director Guillermo del Toro wanted to set the record straight.

Here’s what del Toro had to say about the casting and production rumors that have been going on for the past couple of weeks.

A) [...] I cannot imagine Gollum being played by anyone but Andy and in the second script there is still much in discussion to lock everything for now. [...]
B) [...] As I have reported in the past, we are scouting, designing (my last 3 hour meeting with Weta was this morning) and will not stop. BUT the greenlight and thus commencement can only be granted by the studio. Pete as producer and me as director will do everything we can in the meantime.
C) Is there any trouble brewing with WB? Not at all. All I can say is that they reacted to our delivered script with great delight and we have been receiving strong support in our development.

Del Toro stopped by to give them the inside scoop on the film’s development. We can all let out a sigh of relief knowing that Gollum will be played by Serkis, and they’re still working hard on developing The Hobbit even though a greenlight hasn’t been announced. It’s also good to know that the WB is being proactive in this process as opposed to MGM who are dragging their feet.

What do you think about the latest Hobbit updates?