Clint Eastwood Quits Acting

Just in time for the release of his latest film Invictus, Clint Eastwood has announced that he’s done with acting. Several reports have popped up online stating the actor’s desire to end his career in front of the camera to concentrate specifically on directing. What brought on this change of heart?

According to ContactMusic, Eastwood announced his retirement, but left the door open in case a great story comes along that he wants to sink his teeth into. The actor appeared on an episode of the George Lopez talk show and stated,

“I’m done … (but) you never know where a good story comes from, but I’m a senior here (and) you get to a certain stage and you think, ‘Why not just stand behind the camera?’,” he said. “Nobody’s fooling with you, nobody’s wanting to put make-up, do your collar, all that kind of stuff.”

He sounds like an angry old man who doesn’t like to be bothered. Is this his Gran Torino character talking? If Eastwood does decide to step away from the screen, his career as an award winning director is a great back up plan. It’s a natural progression for an actor to make, especially for someone of his age and stature.

What do you think about Clint Eastwood’s decision to step away from acting?