The Book of Eli - Gary Oldman Close Up

Denzel Washington will hit the big screen early next year in the post apocalyptic flick, The Book of Eli. The film is directed by the Hughes brothers and has an all star cast including the ridiculously talented Gary Oldman. Three new character banners have been released that feature Washington as Eli, Oldman as Carnegie, and Mila Kunis as the young apprentice, Solara.

The Book of Eli centers on a man and his journey to protect a sacred book, which he believes can redeem the post apocalyptic society he lives in. While on his mission he must protect it from the many evil forces that want to use its power for selfish reasons. His main opposition comes in the form of Gary Oldman and his group of followers who are willing to do anything and kill anyone to get the book.

The following posters are a lot more interesting to look at than the first one, which was pretty disappointing. Out of this batch Gary Oldman’s looks the best. Behind his dark shades is a Devil incarnate waiting to wreak havoc on society. He has everything you need in a movie villain. The poster’s color scheme shares similar traits to the promos for Law Abiding Citizen and Ninja Assassin, but still manages to keep its individuality.

The Book of Eli hits theaters on January 15, 2009.

What do you think of the character banners for Book of Eli?

Source: IGN