Jason Reitman Palm Film Festival

Jason Reitman has been on a roll these past few months thanks to his latest film, Up in the Air. It scooped up several awards on the festival circuit, and has Oscar gold in its sights. Reitman’s most recent accolade came at the 21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, where he was honored along with actor Jeremy Renner, and composer T Bone Burnett.

In an official press release sent out today, it was announced that Reitman took home the award for Director of the Year for his work on Up in the Air. Actor Jeremy Renner earned the Breakthrough Performance Award, and T Bone Burnett won for Film Composing on Crazy Heart.

Festival chairman Harold Matzner commented, “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to honor three of this year’s most accomplished film talents with our presentations to Jason Reitman for Director of Year, Jeremy Renner as Breakthrough Male of the Year and T Bone Burnett as Composer of the Year.  Each of them has distinguished themselves this year in ways that set them apart from the pack – Reitman with his emotionally resonant and very timely new directorial triumph Up in the Air, Burnett with his soulful, masterful soundtrack for Crazy Heart and Renner with his riveting turn as a hell-bent young bomb-squad officer in The Hurt Locker. We congratulate them all.”

After all the attention these three have received this year, it’s only a matter of time before the Golden Globes and Oscars follow suit. If Jeremy Renner doesn’t receive some type of recognition for his work in The Hurt Locker any love left for the Academy will be lost. The same goes for Reitman, Juno was an understandable miss, but Up in the Air is hands down one of the best films of the year.

What do you think about Reitman, Renner, and Burnett taking home awards at the Palm Springs Film Festival?