Iron Man 2 Poster Intl

After the first theatrical poster for Iron Man 2 dropped a couple of weeks ago, we knew the first trailer wouldn’t be far behind. There were rumors that it might be attached to James Cameron’s Avatar, but after some research the people over at FilmSchoolRejects are confirming that the trailer will play in front of Sherlock Holmes.

Iron Man 2 studio Paramount confirmed that the first trailer would appear in theaters with the latest Robert Downey Jr. film, after much speculation. It turns out that Warner Bros (whose distributing Holmes) has a decent working relationship with Paramount so it makes sense that they would attach the trailer to their film. That kicks the Fox-Avatar rumors to the curb, which is great because don’t we all really want to see back to back Downey?

Another theory behind Paramount’s decision to go with Holmes over Avatar may have something to do with the films’ preview ratings. So far Holmes has scored steadily across the board will all audiences especially the female under-25 and male/female over-25 demographic (I wonder why?). On the other hand Avatar is expected to draw a more specific audience, which means it won’t float everyone’s boat. Some people are even saying that Holmes might do better than Avatar at the box office, and sadly I agree. The movie won’t bomb but let’s be realistic. It doesn’t have Titanic written all over it so Holmes is a safe and logical choice.

Sherlock Holmes and the Iron Man 2 trailer will hit theaters on Christmas Day.

What do you think about Paramount’s decision to put Iron Man 2′s first trailer in front of Sherlock Holmes? Do you think Holmes will do better than Avatar?