New Moon Director Chris Weitz defends Bootlegger

The Twilight Saga: New Moon made a killing at the box office when it debuted in theaters, regardless of online piracy and bootlegging. Recently a woman was arrested for attempting to record the movie at a local theater, and she’s gained a massive amount of media attention. She even caught the eye of New Moon director Chris Weitz who is speaking out in her defense.

A 22 year old Chicago woman named, Samantha Tumpach was charged with one count of criminal use of a motion picture exhibition, a Class 4 felony. Tumpach was caught with a digital recorder during a screening of New Moon at a Rosemont movie theater, and it earned her two nights in jail. When the footage was reviewed by officials there was less than 4 minutes of the film captured, along with images of her family and friends.

In her defense she stated that she was recording parts of her sister’s surprise birthday party that took place at the Muvico Theater. She claims that she had no intention of pirating the movie, which can clearly be seen by looking at the video. New Moon director Chris Weitz sent in an e-mail to the Chicago Sun Times stating his concern over the incident.

Weitz stated that there’s a difference between protecting someone’s copyrights and persecuting an individual who clearly doesn’t have any intentions towards video piracy. From an outsiders perspective, it sounds like the woman might be innocent. If there weren’t any clear, leveled or consistent shots from the movie on her camera, maybe she didn’t intend to sell it. The last time I checked even the most amateur bootlegs pick up the entire movie, not bits and pieces. Who would buy that?

Do you think the police are overreacting? Who do you believe?

Source: Yahoo, Chicago-Sun Times