Josh Brolin Joins Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 is still in the development stage, but there are already rumors regarding what actors will pop up in the sequel. This morning the internet has been buzzing with speculation that No Country for Old Men and Jonah Hex star Josh Brolin could become the latest member of MIB.

According to the LATimes Hero Complex blog, Brolin is being considered for a role that might require him to don the infamous black suit and shades. There haven’t been any specifics given on who he will play but there are a lot of theories floating around. He could be a replacement for Tommy lee Jones‘ character Agent K. Or he could be brought in to play Agent K as a young man.

Nothing has been set in stone, but this will be an interesting collaboration, since Will Smith is expected to reprise his role. Sony plans on starting production sometime next year, even though the film hasn’t been officially greenlit. If Brolin takes a part in MIB3 he will be the perfect compliment to Smith. He’s one of the few actors that ooze natural charisma and can play any type of role that’s thrown at them.

Would you like to see Josh Brolin join Men in Black 3?