Jennifer Aniston Joins Adam Sandler's Pretend Wife

Adam Sandler’s recent films haven’t been his funniest pieces of work, but he continues to shove out comedies hoping that one will stick. According to THR, he’s enlisting the help of romantic comedy mainstay Jennifer Aniston to headline one his developing films. This sounds like a recipe for an unfunny disaster.

Aniston is in talks to star in the romantic comedy Pretend Wife, which was previously entitled Holiday in Hawaii. The screenplay was written by Allan Loeb and Tim Dowling, with frequent Sandler collaborator Dennis Dugan directing. The plot specifics are being kept under wraps but it sounds like she’ll be his love interest, pretend or otherwise. Happy Madison will produce the film alongside Columbia Pictures, who plans on releasing it on February 11, 2011.

Both actors are known for being hit or misses when it comes to their film choices. There was a time when Aniston and Sandler looked like they were expanding their horizons by stepping out of their comfort zones. Remember the days of The Good Girl and Punch Drunk Love? What happened to those daring performances? Sure they had some comedic elements but they were a lot darker than the stuff we continuously see them in. Who’s ready for a change?

What do you think about Sandler and Aniston teaming up for a movie?