James Cameron Terminator Salvation

Earlier this year everyone was up in arms over Terminator Salvation and how it didn’t fit in with James Cameron‘s vision. We all wanted to know what Cameron thought about the sequel but he kept pressing that he was too busy to see the movie. But now, with Avatar finished he had no more excuses and finally admitted to watching the movie. So the big question is, what did he think?

MTV recently caught up with Cameron while promoting Avatar and he revealed that he saw Terminator Salvation recently, but it was completely by accident.

“I have seen it, and unfortunately I saw it the wrong way, on cable at the hotel, while I was working, over three nights because I don’t have much time,” Cameron said. “It’s better than I thought it was going to be.”

It sounds like someone’s expectations were pretty low. Maybe the rest of the general population should have followed his lead? He did go on to give McG and company some praise for their efforts, so it wasn’t a complete backhanded compliment to their work. Especially since one of the main stars of TS is Sam Worthington, who’s also featured in Avatar.

“It’s actually quite reverential to the mythos of the ‘Terminator’ world,” he said. “I think McG and the writers tried hard to keep reacquainting you with some of those ideas in the story that they were weaving. So actually I thought it was pretty cool. I did feel that it sort of lacked Je ne sais quoi. Although I love Sam [Worthington] in it. “

In other words, it was OK, but could have been better. Cameron will be up for his own judgment day (pun intended) when Avatar hits theaters on December 18th. That’s when we’ll see if his movie lacks any Je ne sais quoi.

What do you think of Cameron’s response to seeing Terminator Salvation?