The_Wolf_Man rated R

There has to be a conspiracy against Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfman, because everywhere you turn there’s a snag in its production. The release date, the score, and now the rating have all been tampered with. This just in, The Wolfman has officially been slapped with an R rating!

Any intention Universal had of making a decent profit with this movie has gone out the window. It was bad enough that the release date got pushed back so many times that the general population forgot it, but now an R rating will scare away any serious chance it has at being a success. The R is due to “bloody horror, violence and gore,” which means that it won’t be the film of choice when it’s released on Valentine’s weekend on February 12, 2010.

The Wolfman has been at a disadvantage since day one, and these recent developments aren’t helping. When was the last time a horror movie thrived on Valentine’s Day? Its hard to remember but even My Bloody Valentine: 3-D came out a month before the big day. That’s the problem here, Wolf Man was supposed to drop around Halloween, but instead it’s going up against an ensemble comedy actually called Valentine’s Day, that stars every actor under the sun. This movie was never given a fair shot.

Do you think The Wolf Man has been mismanaged? Do you think the film will bomb?