The Hobbit

The Hobbit has been on a rocky road to production thanks to its studio’s financial problems. We keep hearing that the film will go on as planned, even though the production dates have been pushed back. On a positive note, producer Peter Jackson has announced that the casting for Bilbo Baggins will begin this week.

According to THR, casting for all Hobbit roles except Gandalf (Ian McKellen) are up for grabs.

“We’re auditioning for every role. What we’ve done over the years is discover a lot of interesting actors, like Orlando Bloom (in ‘Rings’), Kate Winslet (in ‘Heavenly Creatures’), Saoirse Ronan (in ‘The Lovely Bones’). So if you start looking and auditioning seriously, it’s amazing what incredible talent you’ll find out there.”

A lot of fans were hopeful that Jackson would cast Scottish actor James McAvoy in the coveted role of Baggins, but Jackson says he hasn’t settled on any actor for the role just yet. He persists that these films aren’t star driven but based on the right actors who can give the right performances regardless of their Hollywood standing.

He also went on to clarify any rumors regarding The Hobbit being delayed for next year or the year after.

“It’s not. We were always planning to shoot around April or May next year, and as far as I’m aware, we’re pretty much on target for that. It depends on how quickly the studio greenlights the film. It’s not in our hands. But as long as we‘re shooting next year, we’re fine.”

Someone sounds optimistic, but The Hobbit will cost a pretty penny and MGM’s future doesn’t sound promising. The studio is up for sale, and they have this huge tentpole waiting for the go ahead. A movie of this caliber takes time and money and they don’t have either.

Who do you think should play the role of Bilbo Baggins? Should the actor be unknown or established?