If you were a fan of Liam Neeson‘s vigilante dad in Taken, you’ll love what screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen has up his sleeve. According to Variety, Kamen successfully pitched a romantic action flick to CBS Films and the studio wants to produce it. The project is called Vengeance and it will be like Taken but with a partner.

Kamen recently spoke about his pitch and what he hopes to bring across with Vengeance.

“Basically, it’s a contemporary revenge love story — what happens when violence meets love,” Kamen said. “The main characters are 20 and Italian, and there are themes that echo films like ‘The Godfather.’ It’s about family loyalty and how much someone owes their family and the past. It’s not set in the gangster milieu but just outside it.”

Does anyone else smell Italian stereotypes here? The fact that the characters are so young don’t help their case either. Kamen wrote the screenplay for Taken with Luc Besson, and according to him the sequel’s script is already finished. The film’s production depends on Neeson’s availability next year.

The story for Vengeance just doesn’t scream originality to me. How many films have we seen with this exact premise? The characters don’t even have to be Italian, they could be from any cultural background and still promote the same stuff. Neeson was the winning factor that made Taken successful, and it sounds like they’ll need a few good actors to do the same for Vengeance.

What do you think of the premise for Vengeance?