John Malkovich vulture spider-man 4

Every couple of weeks a new casting rumor surfaces regarding Spider-Man 4, and this time the character of choice is Vulture. We’ve already heard the stories regarding Julia Stiles, Rachel McAdams and Anne Hathaway taking on the role of the Black Cat, but what would happen if John Malkovich joined the party?

Over at Movieline, they ran an exclusive story that Malkovich is currently being courted by Sony to star as The Vulture, one of the many villains in the Spider-Man universe. The Vulture is an elderly adversary whose highly intelligent and has a special electromagnetic body harness that allows him to take flight. Malkovich does have the facial features to take on the role, but its not his character that worries me.

There’s also word that Hathaway is the front runner to star as Felicia Hardy in the film, but not as the Black Cat. Sources are stating that Hardy will transform into a new villain called the Vulturess, which will leave no room for Dylan Baker‘s The Lizard. Apparently the studio isn’t interested in addressing The Lizard storyline because they can’t see themselves signing off on such an odd looking character.

This is all speculation at the moment, but here’s my two cents. Bringing The Lizard to the forefront would be a natural progression for the film to take. Sony’s aesthetic tastes confuse me, because there was nothing normal looking about Venom’s alien face. As for the Black Cat/Vulturess talk, they need to nip that in the bud now. If Raimi thought fans were pissed before they’ll crucify him if he changes that character in anyway.

That was one of the main downfalls of the entire X-Men franchise, they made mutant gumbo instead of sticking to the traits in the comic. If Spider-Man 4 is supposed rectify the wrongs of the last film, this is not the way to do it.

Do you think Malkovich should sign on as Vulture? Would you be upset if they changed the Black Cat?