superman year one

Will we ever get a modern day Superman movie that doesn’t receive scorn from die hard fans? At this moment it’s hard to tell, but DC Comics have decided to revamp their comic line by releasing the graphic novels Earth One, that will show Superman in a new light.

The Earth One series will tell the reworked origin stories of Superman and Batman, and are scheduled for release next year. Both will feature the characters in present day and have been modernized for new audiences. Superman: Earth One, is written by sci-fi scribe J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by Shane Davis. Straczynski recently spoke to AICN about taking on this new version of the Man of Steel.

“This is probably one of the most often told and retold stories in comics history, so you have to be careful to preserve what’s established while trying to find areas where you can bring a fresh approach. In the case of Superman, you take all those elements that work, and infuse them with a modern sensibility, how it would be written today, this minute, if it had just been created for the first time.”

So with a new look and a new writer could a new Superman film be in the future? Comic books will never reach their former glory in the commercial market, but if Earth One is a hit by today’s standards a movie might not be far behind.

Here’s the basic premise of Earth One:

Clark comes to Metropolis in his 21st year to decide what he really wants to do. And this is someone who can be anyone, do anything. If he keeps his background secret, as he’s done for the preceding 21 years, he can be the best athlete the world has ever known, he could be the next Stephen Hawking, could take away the golf crown from Tiger Woods, create patents that could earn billions. He can finally step out of the shadows and into the light.

So Clark won’t be the shy guy that we’re all used to seeing on TV and in the movies. It doesn’t sound like he grows up on a farm or even needs to sport glasses. This is a drastic shift from the original storyline that could be a hit or miss with fans. What do you think?

What do you think of Superman: Earth One? Do you like the changes they’ve made?