Avatar - Director James Cameron

It’s obvious that James Cameron‘s Avatar cost a pretty penny to produce with its 3-D graphics, animation, and special effects but everyone wants to know the final price tag. Most estimates have ranged from 250 million to half a billion dollars, which would scare even the most profitable studio, but not 20th Century Fox. Their the ones backing Cameron’s latest feature, and according to them Avatar is money well spent.

Fox executive James Gianopulos recently spoke about Avatar and its budget speculation, but wouldn’t confirm the official number. He just owned up to the rumor that its the biggest film the studio has ever produced.

“It is the most expensive film we’ve made, but now, having the luxury of hindsight, it is money well spent, so I’m not concerned about it.”

The studio stood behind Cameron when he made Titanic, which was another costly investment and we know how that story ended. The film made over a billion dollars at the worldwide office and won a Best Picture and Best Director Oscar.

Even though Gianopulos’s attitude seems a bit arrogant, he never fully states that the film will be a huge success. If anything he puts up a strong front for the sake of the studio, which makes sense. The film will hit theaters next Friday so this isn’t the time to show weakness.

Do you think Avatar will be able to make its money back? Should Fox be worried?

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Source: CNN