resident evil afterlife

Earlier this morning there were reports that the fourth film in the Resident Evil franchise had been pushed back according to ShockTillYouDrop. Now franchise star Milla Jovovich has taken to her Twitter to correct the production rumors and throw out some much needed facts.

The initial story stated that the filming process for Resident Evil: Afterlife was taking a lot longer than expected due to the amount of special effects that will be added. Like most movies these days Afterlife will be shot in 3-D, which means a lot more time in post production. They stated that Screen Gems had pushed the movie back to January 14, 2011, as opposed to the previous date of August 27, 2010.

After word spread like wildfire, actress Milla Jovovich who plays Alice in the series went to her Twitter account to clear the air.

“RE Afterlife IS NOT officially pushed. There have been talks of pushing it as they [are] not sure they can have it ready by July. We [are] trying as hard as we can to still meet the summer deadline though, so for the moment its still on for August.”

ShockTillYouDrop stands by their original story but hopes that the cast and crew are able to pull off the film in a timely manner. In this case we’re not sure who to believe. It sounds like the actress is hoping for the best, but the January release date sounds pretty precise. Where would they get a random month and day from if the decision wasn’t already floating around somewhere?

Do you think they should push Resident Evil: Afterlife back?