stan lee thor cameo

Stan Lee is known for making small cameo appearances in almost every Marvel film, since he helped create the majority of the properties adapted. He already showed up in last year’s Iron Man, so his next appearance will be in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. The comic legend recently tweeted about his role in the upcoming film, and he claims it will be epic.

Stan Lee went to his Twitter page (yes, he knows how to use a computer) to update fans on his anticipated role in Thor. He literally gave a play by play of his conversations with Branagh and his tweets are quite hilarious. Check them out:

  • Hey, I got an email from the multu-talented director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh. Not enough space left to tell what he said– stay tuned–
  • Kenneth Branagh (of course I call him “Ken!”) said my cameo’s set for the upcoming Thor movie. –To him, it’s a cameo, to me– it’s a ROLE!
  • I went easy on Ken Branagh when we discussed my role in Thor. Told him I wouldn’t insist on my name above the title, I think he was grateful
  • Yeah, I mentioned Ken Banagh a few times, but I warned you I was a name driopper. Seriously tho’, with him directing, Thor’s a sure winner
  • Of course, my previous tweet revealed the extent of my innate modesty. I really wanted to add “With me doing a cameo, Thor’s a sure winner”
  • Can’t tweet anymore. Due to Thor, I must start rehearsing my thee’s and thou’s. So, if thou objecteth not, I wish thee well! ‘Nuff saideth

Doesn’t he sound like he’s over the moon? His excitement does make me feel a little bit better about the film’s production. It already sounded like it was headed in the right direction, and Stan Lee’s infamous cameo will be icing on the cake.

Who do you think Stan Lee will play in Thor?