In February of 2010, the rights of the Terminator franchise will be up for grabs thanks to the legal problems of current owner Halcyon. Even with the drama over who will own what and when, Terminator Salvation director McG is confident that he’ll still be on board for not only a 5th but a 6th sequel.

If you were one of the lucky people to hear the live Blu-ray DVD commentary that McG gave for the release of Terminator Salvation, you got an earful of movie updates. The director stated that no matter who takes over ownership of the Terminator series he still plans on directing several future films. Here’s a transcript of the blow by blow taken by Jason Chen over at Gizmodo.

7:02: In answering a question about if Robert Patrick (T-1000) would be in a future movie. McG said that he might be, if there was a scientist that wanted to model a Terminator after himself. (Yes, he took that base idea from Terminator 3, in case you were wondering.)

7:13: He just announced that he’s making another Terminator movie. Seriously.

7:16: Oh and for those people who are punching themselves in the face that he’s making another one? He said he’s making one after that.

7:21: And now McG is being coy about making another one? I don’t get it.

7:24: And now he’s talking about a second or third movie again.

7:46: He says Sarah Connor is going to be in the next film, but he’s not sure how he’s going to pull that off.

Terminator Salvation wasn’t a horrible film, but it wasn’t great either. It was mediocre in every since of the word. It didn’t bomb at the box office but performed well below expectations, and now that the DVD has come into play, the studio may be able to recoup a decent amount of money to add to its worldwide gross of 371 million dollars.

It’s very easy to hate McG. He has an arrogance about him that makes you want to punch him the face. He’s not on Michael Bay‘s level of douche-baggery (yes I made that up), but he’s well on his way. To give credit where to where credit is due, the action sequences in TS were great and entertaining. It was the screenplay that was its downfall, as well as the miscasting of Christian Bale as John Connor. If McG is serious about this thing he has a lot of clean up work to do.

Do you think McG should return for another Terminator film, or walk away from the franchise?