jennifer hudson to play winnie mandela

Remember a while back when we told you about Jennifer Hudson‘s next acting gig in the Winnie Mandela biopic? Well many native South Africans are up in arms about the Oscar winner portraying the ex-wife of the nation’s first Black president Nelson Mandela.

According to Yahoo, The Creative Workers Union of South Africa is against foreign actors telling their nation’s stories. They feel that it hinders their developing film industry, and they want Hudson to drop out of the film immediately.

“This decision must be reversed, it must be stopped now,” union secretary general Oupa Lebogo said in The Times. “If the matter doesn’t come up for discussion, we will push for a moratorium to be placed on the film.”

Hudson was cast as Winnie Mandela last month, in a film that will be directed by South African filmmaker Darrell J. Roodt who previously helmed the feature, Sarafina. This anti-Hudson movement comes just days before the release of Clint Eastwood’s South African based drama Invictus, which has Morgan Freeman in the role of Nelson Mandela.

The irony of this “protest” boggles the mind. Was there this much apprehension from these South African groups when Freeman was cast as Nelson? Is this really a national issue or is this a sexist issue? Winnie Mandela has had her fair share of problems, which eventually resulted in her separation from Mandela back in 1992. Her image was tarnished by a series of scandals including her links to the kidnap and murder of a young activist and a 2003 conviction for fraud.

This entire story sounds bogus and irrational from every angle. If we told foreigners that we didn’t want them in American films, half of our acting community would disappear.

What do you think? Should Hudson step down from the role?