Nutcracker and the mouse king

New Line Cinema is really good at producing movies that no one wants to see. Their known for their unnecessary remakes, sequels, and in this case adaptations that would be better off left alone. According to THR, the studio is looking to bring the classic tale of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King back to life.

The origin story that the film will be based on was written decades prior to the famous ballet we’re used to hearing about. It was written by E.T.A. Hoffman prior to 1892, and centered on a 12-year old girl who, with her brother and sister, receive gifts from their clockmaker-inventor godfather on Christmas Eve, one of which was a Nutcracker doll. That night, the girl began an adventure that included a war involving a seven-headed Mouse King and his army of mice, curses and themes of ugliness and beauty.

The studio is looking to turn the tale into a live action film that will be produced by Darren Lemke, the writer behind the studio’s Bryan Singer project Jack the Giant Killer. There’s nothing wrong with adventurous Christmas movies and all that, but this one sounds repetitive. This story has been adapted several times with animated versions and was even turned into a ballet. Do we really need this to be made?

What do you think about The Nutcracker and the Mouse King?