HBO Entourage the Movie

Thanks to the success of the Sex in the City movie more HBO shows are looking to get the big screen treatment. There’s already been rumors regarding The Sopranos and Rome, but how about Entourage? Word is spreading that we might soon see Vince, Eric, Drama, Ari, and Turtle show up at our local theater.

According to THR, executive producer Mark Wahlberg wants an Entourage feature film in the future. The plan is to finish up two more seasons of the show, and then make the jump to the big screen. The series was recently picked up again by HBO after coming off one of its strongest seasons.

“It is not out of the realm of possibility,” an HBO spokeswoman said about the prospect of an “Entourage” movie. “Right now, the creators are concentrating on the new season.”

It sounds like both HBO and Wahlberg are looking towards the future in terms of an Entourage film franchise. If audiences can eat up a quartet of fashion obsessed women, why wouldn’t they enjoy a vapid group of guys? It’s time for the show to wind down and a movie would be a great way to cap off its run. The third season was arguably its best, and marked the peak of Entourage mania. Who wouldn’t want to see one of Ari’s infamous temper tantrums on a 30 foot screen?

Would you be interested in Entourage: The Movie?