Avatar the movie

There’s been a lot of negative talk about the amount of excessive CGI used in James Cameron‘s Avatar causing some people to be turned off by the whole thing. Over at Cinemablend, they found a photo that features the film’s stars Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana without their blue skin and beady eyes. Do you think the movie would look better or worse without the extra CGI?

Check out the revealing photo below…

This photo was taken from the MTV webcast that featured the actors and the director taking on a few questions from fans. They showed plenty of behind the scenes footage from the making of Avatar that included Worthington and Saldana acting out their native alter egos in the wilderness without the help of motion capture. The following image is a before shot of the above photo that features Neytiri teaching Jake how to use a bow and arrow.

It’s amazing how spot on the actors are with the CGI versions of themselves. The bare boned footage of this training scene isn’t that bad looking, but you’d probably still prefer the alternative. Check out the differences between the two and let us know which one you like best.

avatar without special effects

Avatar will hit theaters nationwide on December 18th

What do you think of the before and after?

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