Avatar Sigourney Weaver

Another video clip has been released from 20th Century Fox in promotion of James Cameron‘s Avatar. This time the focus isn’t on Sam Worthington or Zoe Saldana, but co-stars Sigourney Weaver and Giovanni Ribisi. In the following scene, Weaver’s character Grace is very upset by an abrupt decision that Ribisi’s character Parker has made.

Check out their argument below…

In the film Ribisi stars as Parker Selfridge, the man behind Jake Sully’s (Worthington) acceptance into their top secret program. Grace is apprehensive about his involvement, but Parker is adamant that he’s the right choice. Since he’s the twin brother of one of their fallen soldiers he can replace him in more ways than one.

We also learn the real reason why the humans are invading the Na’vi land. They want to acquire a natural resource that can only be found on the alien planet. Apparently a small chunk is worth 20 million, and it’s what’s funding their entire science department.

Avatar will debut in theaters on December 18th, which means in two weeks we’ll finally get to see what all the hype is about. Check out the clip of the bickering co-workers…

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