Zombieland Jackass sequel

A week ago, speculation surfaced regarding cult favorite Jackass and the recent horror comedy, Zombieland. The big news was that sequels were on the horizon and both would be shot in 3-D. According to Variety, the films have been confirmed and production is scheduled to begin fairly soon.

According to the trade, Sony is in the process of reuniting the original Zombieland cast, while Paramount has given the green light to Jackass 3. Both movies will be shot in 3-D, which has become a hot Hollywood commodity thanks to a string of successful animated and live action films that have used the format. Next spring, the first 3-D television sets are scheduled to hit the market, and they’ll make these types of movies even more marketable for home entertainment purposes.

Sony has already inked a deal with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer to return for the sequel, and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are currently working on its screenplay. As for Jackass 3-D, filming is scheduled to begin on January 25th, which is a lot sooner than we thought. Johnny Knoxville and his crew are expected to return for the film that will debut sometime in 2010.

This news in unnerving and exciting all at the same time. Zombieland is good old fashioned fun, and 3-D could actually serve a purpose in the film. Jackass on the other hand is a guilty pleasure. I saw the previous films in theaters and laughed my ass off, but the 3-D gimmick doesn’t make sense to me. Their antics are hilarious on their own without the extra tech help.

What do you think of the Zombieland and Jackass sequels being released in 3-D?