Does Summit Entertainment have no bounds? The vampire studio wants to continue it’s assault on the comic genre by producing the film adaptation of Alibi. Back in August we told you that Top Cow Productions was looking to bring the comic to the big screen and now Summit has hopped on board.

According to Variety, Summit has partnered with Top Cow for the film and have even brought on a writer to pen the script. Alibi centers on John Stephens, the world’s best assassin. He’s good at his job, and even better at staying out of jail. John always has a cold hard alibi to constantly keep him from ending up in the clink. But what will happen when that person is discovered to be his twin brother? The movie is being described as a mix between “Three Days of the Condor, Wanted and the Jason Bourne movies.”

John Hlavin, who’s known for working on the FX series, The Shield, has been hired to write the screenplay. He must be the go to guy these days because he’ll also take on the script for Underworld 4. Any movie that includes an ounce of Jason Bourne action gets a second glance from me. This film probably won’t be as good, but the make or break element will be its casting. Who do you think could take on this type of role?

What do you think of Summit producing Alibi?