It’s already been confirmed that there will be a live action adaptation of the popular board game Battleship. Many people including myself have been reluctant from the start, so Universal sent a group of journalists to the high seas alongside director Peter Berg to get the inside scoop on what their trying to pull off.

One of the biggest questions regarding the adaptation has to do with the villain of choice. We’ve heard that aliens will be the baddies in the film, a thought that confused the majority of us, but Berg claims that his decision to go extraterrestrial isn’t as random as you think.

“The idea of a film where America goes to war against China, or a movie where America goes to war against England or Australia or Japan, one of the countries that has a credible navy, felt like it would border on some kind of jingoistic American military exercise I couldn’t get my head around. I liked the idea of something larger than life and the challenge it presented.”

The director’s vision for the film doesn’t stop there. He told the studio in the very beginning that he wanted to go big or go home.

“I think the first thing was that I asked them if they were going to go after this and be put in an arena where we would compete with films like ‘District 9′, like ‘War of the Worlds’, like ‘The Abyss’. We needed the resources and right now that generally leads to ILM. They do the best work. They’ve got the best designers. They’re really smart guys. That was our first hire. We’ve got great designers at ILM and these guys are so scientific and so logic oriented and they’re the ultimate nerd scholars. These guys geek out harder than anyone…like we’re trying to do. These guys can pull this off to the very high standards.”

It’s very easy to get caught up in the technological aspect of this film, but what about the story? Aliens will be the villains but what else? So far the movie sounds like an expensive, sci-fi war epic that could be found on the SyFy Channel on a Saturday night.

He spoke a little about how the board game would actually play a role in the plot, which it should since its the source material. He talked about the infamous screens that are going to be used to identify foreign vessels when their in your vicinity.

This is a key set in the film. you put this screen on, it’s very easy to imagine this as a much more sophisticated Battleship screen from the board game. What they’re doing with this screen is identifying threats or identifying objects whether it be in the air, on the sea or underwater. Much the same way you would try to identify or locate your enemy in the game. You’re trying to find an enemy over here (at one station) and over here you’re killing an enemy. It’s very simple. they’ve got a bunch of ways to find and a bunch of ways to kill. But basically, the fundamental core principles of the game, are very easy to expand in a very easy, badass, very intelligent way when you see how these guys do what they do.

He certainly has his work cut out for him and is adamant that this Battleship movie will be a lot better than we expect. Only time will tell if the film is good or not, so my skepticism still stands. What about yours?

What do you think of Peter Berg’s vision for Battleship?

Source: Latino Review