Cast of Intrinsic and Death Takes a Holiday Inn

Above you have Diva Zappa, Jason Alan Smith, and myself, from Brandon Nicholas’ Death Takes a Holiday Inn and Jon Mann-Krieger’s Intrinsic!

It got rather sticky towards the end… literally, Diva and I were stuck onto almost everything we touched due to the massive amounts of fake blood poured (and squirted) all over. I managed to stain my computer and walk into a bar looking more bloody than I am in the above picture, she some how managed to stain (almost) nothing and clean herself off before appearing in public (apparently, I still have a lot of learning to do).

Aside from having to sit in make-up chair for 5 hours today, we had an amazing shoot. We wrapped Death Takes a Holiday Inn, our grand finale for Do Not Disturb and the entire film series. We posted some bloody photos earlier but here are a few proper photos taken by our set photographer Brendan Holmes for ya….

Sadly, I only have a few of Brendan Holmes photos at the moment, but I’ll have more for you up soon!

Have to pass out now and strike the set tomorrow. Be back soon!

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