Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster - The Silence of the Lambs

Empire Magazine knows how to throw a birthday party, and their 20th anniversary edition is proof of that. The movie magazine decided to call in a few favors with some of Hollywood’s elite for a special photo shoot. Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Stiller, and many more posed for photos to recreate their most iconic roles.

Check out the gallery below…

The cool thing about this photo shoot was their ability to get the Governator aka Arnold Schwarzeneggar to reprise his role as the Terminator one last time. They also got Foster and Hopkins to return to that isolated jail cell from Silence of the Lambs, while Mel Gibson once again donned blue face paint as an ode to Braveheart‘s William Wallace.

They only downer about this shoot is the Tom Cruise photo. Since the issue covers the last 20 years, they went with Minority Report instead of Risky Business, which would have been his first major iconic role. Minority Report was a good movie, but what about Mission Impossible? They could have had a photo of him with the headset hanging from a cord.

The method behind the magazine’s choices are unclear because we didn’t get Risky Business, or Top Gun for Cruise, but we got a photo for The Terminator which came out 25 years ago? Maybe they were referring to T2: Judgement Day, who knows.

Check out the gallery of stars and pick your favorite recreation…

What do you think of the photos? Who’s you favorite?