Justin Timberlake and Sean Parker

Justin Timberlake is taking his role in the upcoming David Fincher film, The Social Network very seriously. In the movie J.T. stars as the first president of the multi-million dollar networking site, Sean Parker. In order to portray the character Timberlake had to look the part so he let his curly hair grow out to get the full Parker effect.

Check out the first photos of Timberlake on set…

It looks like Timberlake took a step back in time to his ‘NSYNC days with his curly locks, which he sported for the majority of his run with the boy band. The Social Network is a film based on the book, The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal, which tells the story behind the controversial birth of the Facebook website.

When it was first announced that Timberlake was set to star in this film, skepticism was at an all time high. He’s a great singer but his acting skills leave much to be desired. He definitely does look the part so that won’t be an obstacle, but his acting might. Hopefully he’s taken a few classes to sharpen his skills because this is a David Fincher film and he means business.

What do you think of Justin Timberlake’s look for The Social Network? Do you think that he can pull it off?

Source: The Daily Mail, JustJared