The Karate Kid: Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

More photos have hit the net from the upcoming Sony remake of The Karate Kid, which is also known as The Kung Fu Kid. The film stars Jaden Smith as the title character and Jackie Chan as his mentor. We all loved the original 1984 film that featured Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita so this will be a hard remake for a lot of people to swallow.

Check out the photos below…

First off, the studio has been bouncing back and forth between the titles of The Karate Kid and The Kung Fu Kid, but it sounds like their sticking with the original. That means all the honor that Ralph and Pat worked so hard for will be tainted with this new version. The photos that have been released by the studio feature Dre (Smith) and Mr. Han (Chan) spending some time together on the vast country side of China.

If anything you can smell a training montage a mile away in some of these photos, and there’s also a shot of Smith sharing a moment with a young girl. There is nothing appealing about a love story between two 12 year olds. It’s boring and kind of creepy.

Here are the photos…

What do you think of the photos from The Karate Kid?