ghost rider sequel in the works

Remember a while ago when the news broke that Ghost Rider 2 had received a green light from Sony? Well, according to MTV the film’s attached star Nicolas Cage isn’t so sure that he’ll return for the sequel. Could this be common sense taking over?

It seems like the Oscar winning actor is out of the loop when it comes to the production of the next Ghost Rider film. There have been rumors surrounding screenwriter David Goyer‘s sequel script, which takes place years into the future, and Cage hasn’t heard anything about it.

“You probably know more about it then I do,” laughed the veteran actor when asked about the project. “What have you read? Yeah, well I don’t really know how to answer that,” Cage said when I asked if he was still attached. “Because I don’t have all the details.”

He also went on to say that he’s unsure if he and his onscreen leading lady Eva Mendes will reunite for the film as sweethearts Johnny Blaze and Roxanne.

“I don’t know [if we’ll reunite again]. I don’t know where Eva’s at on that. I have to be careful about how I answer these questions about ‘Ghost Rider’,” he explained. “Because if I say anything, it seems to set the Internet ablaze.”

The first film made a decent amount of money by the skin of its teeth with a story that was mediocre at best. Ghost Rider was one of many properties that got caught up in the after effects of the Disney-Marvel merger. All these deals that Marvel had with various studios came into question when the house of mouse took over. Everyone wanted to stake their claim and make it look like they were hard at work using their specific characters. Fox did it with the Fantastic Four and Sony did it with Ghost Rider.

Do you think they should make a Ghost Rider 2?