this is it

Michael Jackson‘s This is It has proven to be a formidable foe at the box office so lets see how it does when it hits DVD shelves in a month. That’s right, the documentary film that was supposed to play for only 2 weeks in theaters this fall has been given a DVD release date.

According to the Associated Press, Michael Jackson’s This is It will be released on January 26, 2010 thanks to an announcement made by Sony Pictures Monday morning. Since it’s theatrical debut back in October, the film has grossed over 70 million dollars domestically and 240 million world wide. Are we really surprised that Sony wants to get this thing into your hands ASAP? This is It is a virtual gold mine for Jackson fans everywhere.

According to Home Media Magazine, the DVD and Blu-ray discs will be packed full of goodies including 60 minutes of never before seen footage for the DVD and 90 minutes for the Blu-ray, which includes “two documentaries, “Staging the Return: Beyond the Show” and “Staging the Return: The Adventure Begins;” a costume featurette called “The Gloved One”; a cast and crew tribute dubbed “Memories of Michael”; and “Auditions: Searching for the World’s Best Dancers”.

Sony isn’t holding back with their attempts at making Blu-ray the way to go for home entertainment.

The blu-ray will also include the “Making of ‘Smooth Criminal’” featurette, as well as uncut, all-new vignettes of “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller,” which are seen briefly in the film itself. The Blu-ray is also outfitted with Sony’s BD Live movieIQ feature that can create a This Is It playlist and offer trivia and cast and crew background.

It’s kind of sad that their pinning those of us without Blu-ray players against a wall by putting all the good stuff on those discs. It’s such a huge marketing ploy, because they know MJ fans will do whatever they have to, to have a piece of his legacy.

What do you think of the differences between the This is It DVD verses the Blu-ray disc?