iron man 2 war machine poster

It’s here! The first official poster for Iron Man 2 has debuted over on Yahoo and it features a familiar face. It’s no secret that the sequel will highlight the rise of Iron Man’s sidekick War Machine, so it only makes sense that he appears with him on the poster.

Check out the full poster below…

Jon Favreau has been keeping his word during the majority of the preliminary promotion for the film. We heard that the poster might drop this weeks and lo’ and behold it did! The director also hinted that the first teaser trailer for Iron Man 2 might play in front of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, another Robert Downey Jr. pic.

It sounds like a great way to kick off the 2010 promotion for the film, and hopefully that’s exactly what will happen. The only odd thing about the trailer showing up in front Holmes is the fact that Iron Man 2 is a Paramount production and Holmes is Warner Bros, but hopefully it all works out.

Here’s the full poster that we’ll have to drool over until something new comes a long. It features the new Iron Man suit as well as War Machine and his ever present weaponry. I need some AC/DC to start playing in my ear right about now.


What do you think of the poster for Iron Man 2?