Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski has been sitting in a Swiss jail for the past couple of months thanks to his historical arrest back in September. According to Reuters, the Academy Award winning director has made bail after an initial rejection from the Swiss court, but his freedom will come with a hefty price.

The Swiss Government has granted bail to Polanski after being held in jail for almost two months. The bail amount was set at 4.5 million Swiss francs ($4.49 million dollars), and will be in effect while he awaits his extradition to the United States. While on bail, the director will have certain restraints on his new found freedom. He has to surrender his identity papers and live under strict house arrest with an electronic ankle bracelet depending on how the extradition case goes.

His past as a professional bail jumper was one of the reason’s the government decided to reject his original plea for release, but with the amount of money Polanski will have to put up, their confident he won’t make the same mistake twice. The director’s lawyers even stated that “the potential loss of fortune would prevent the director from fleeing.”

After 30 years on the run and a pending court case for old and new charges, it wouldn’t be a smart choice for Polanski to do anything crazy with this limited free time. He probably just wants to get it over with and finally own up to his original crime.

What do you think about Roman Polanski being granted bail?