toy story 3 teaser 2

A second teaser trailer has been released for the Disney Pixar sequel Toy Story 3. It’s a lot more upbeat and comical than the previous one we saw and shows a lot of new footage. The video proves that even after ten years apart the old gang can still bring the funny stuff.

Check out the trailer below…

The basic premise of Toy Story 3 surrounds Andy’s move to college and the toys need to find a new home. Andy’s mother wants to put Buzz,Woody, and the rest of the gang out to pasture but somehow they end up at a daycare center. The joyous event soon turns sour when they realize that toddler’s aren’t that gentle or clean. From that point on, they devise a plan to break out of the daycare by any means necessary.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen both return to reprise their roles as Woody and Buzz, as well as a majority of the original cast with the exception of the late Jim Varney. Even the young boy who played Andy in the original has come back to his childhood role. Toy Story 3 will be nostalgic for anyone who was raised in the nineties and got to experience the phenomenon of the first film.

Here’s the trailer…

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Toy Story 3 hits theaters on June 18, 2010.

What do you think of the latest teaser trailer?