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An official photo has been released for the DC Comics based film, Jonah Hex. It stars Josh Brolin as the title character who’s a gunslinger in the Old West. The film’s directed by Jimmy Hayward and will also feature Megan Fox and Michael Fassbender. Over at Omelete they’ve posted the new image that gives us a nice silhouette of Mr. Hex.

Check out the full photo below…

The biggest characteristic of Jonah Hex is his face. It’s unique in a very unconventional way, because half of it looks like it’s been melted off. Even though various paparazzi shots have popped up online showing Brolin in full make up on set, Warner Bros has been hiding it throughout their promotion. In the teaser poster for the film his disfigured side is slightly exposed but you don’t see the bottom half of his face at all.

In this latest image, we get to see his mouth with that uncomfortable pull of skin that would make anyone’s stomach curl. Brolin’s head is titled down so you can’t see his eyes, which plays against the look of the first poster. It seems like they only want to show certain parts of his face at a time, so perhaps down the line they’ll do a full reveal.

Here’s the poster…

jonah hex image

What do you think of new photo?