book of eli 2

The Hughes Brothers upcoming film, The Book of Eli has a new poster that’s just debuted on Myspace, and it features the title character Eli, as played by two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington. The sci-fi epic will hit theaters on January 15, 2010, and co-stars Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Beals.

Check out the poster below…

The Book of Eli centers on a man and his journey to protect a sacred book, which he believes can redeem the post apocalyptic society he lives in. While on his mission he must protect it from the many evil forces that want to use its power for selfish reasons. His main opposition comes in the form of Gary Oldman and his group of followers who are willing to do anything and kill anyone to get the book.

The latest poster for the film looks more like a production still than anything else. It doesn’t really blow me away with great design or imagery. Hopefully this will be one of several one sheets that will hit the net before the film makes its debut early next year. At least they have a couple of awesome trailers to fall back on, because if it weren’t for those I’d be a little worried.

Here’s the poster…

book of eli poster

What do you think of the poster from Book of Eli?