scream 4 wes craven

Sidney Prescott aka Neve Campbell will be returning to the horror franchise that made her a star and according to the actress, director Wes Craven won’t be far behind. In a recent interview with Black Book, Campbell let it slip that Craven’s gig as the director on Scream 4 is pretty much a done deal.

It’s no secret that Wes Craven would be the last piece of the original crew to return to the Scream franchise. The director has been apprehensive about doing another film ever since the sequel news popped up late last year. Campbell herself was one of the last people to get on board after Scream 4 was finalized, and according to her interview Craven will soon follow.

“I’m pretty sure at this stage that Wes Craven is back on board to direct and Kevin Willamson is definitely writing it…so it is going to be great.”

She went on to say that production on the film will start in mid-April of next year, but she still hasn’t seen the script. If she’s right and Wes Craven does decide to dust the cobwebs off his director’s chair it would be amazing. The idea of having a fourth Scream film is hard to take at first, but with all the original cast and crew back it can’t be that bad.

The only thing that’s somewhat unnerving is the fact that the actors haven’t seen the script yet. Campbell said legally they all had to sign on first before getting a copy, so for all they know the screenplay could be horrible. Williamson must have pitched an amazing story to them, because they are literally walking out on faith.

Do you think Craven should return? Where should the story pick up?