dirk benedict ateam

There’s been another announcement regarding Joe Carnahan‘s feature adaptation of The A-Team. A while back it was reported that Dwight Schultz, the actor who played Howling Mad Murdoch on the TV series would star alongside his replacement Sharlto Copely in the movie. Now there’s news that another originator Dirk Benedict, aka Templeton “Faceman” Peck will make an appearance as well.

In the film, Bradley Cooper plays the role of Faceman, and according to a report on Cinematical he will be joined onscreen by his predecessor. The news was posted on the website Dirk Benedict Central that Benedict will appear in the film in an unspecified role. Who do you think he will play?

It would be too contrived if they had him as Cooper’s dad, so maybe a senior member of a military unit? When they remade Shaft back in 2000, they had Samuel L. Jackson play Richard Roundtree’s nephew and namesake, which was a bit heavy handed. It was too much nostalgia present and it overshadowed Jackson’s take on the character.

With Dirk and Dwight on board do we even need to ask what Mr. T. is doing? We pity the fool who’d turn down a cameo in a project that made him a household name. He is the last piece of the puzzle. George Peppard passed away years ago so unfortunately we can’t have him return, but it would be nice to see the surviving members back to their old stomping grounds.

Who should Dirk play when he returns? Should Mr. T. follow?