Zombieland: Harrelson and Eisenberg

The Ruben Fleischer horror comedy Zombieland debuted at number one when it hit theaters a few months back, and gained critical acclaim for its funny, fresh take on an old Hollywood convention. Even before it premiered there had been talk of a possible sequel, and now we’re hearing that it might even be in 3-D.

Over at Moviehole, they caught up to Fleischer who confirmed that Sony was very interested in a Zombieland sequel, and he’s also ready for another round. He stated that the original cast members Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and of course Woody Harrelson are amped for some more zombie killing action. On top of this news, he went on to say that the sequel will more than likely follow the latest Hollywood trend, the Godforsaken 3-D.

Using 3-D has become a major gimmick and crutch for crappy sub-par films to draw in audiences, which Zombieland doesn’t need. It’s actually a really good movie that’s fun and entertaining without the help of the “other stuff.” When Fleischer was asked about the possible production start for Zombieland 3-D he gave nothing specific, he just said it will happen whenever “we crack it.” Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Here’s to hoping the next film won’t suffer from the sophomore blues of filmmaking and manages to stay entertaining.

What do you think of Zombieland 3-D?