The FX cable network has acquired the television rights to broadcast The Twilight Saga over the next couple of years. They also scooped up two sci-fi movies and an Oscar hopeful thanks to preexisting agreements they have with Summit Entertainment and various other studios.

According to THR, FX will start running last year’s Twilight in late 2011, while New Moon will debut in 2012, and Eclipse will air in early 2013. At the moment Summit has yet to greenlight Breaking Dawn, the fourth installment of the series but we all know its coming. Even the actors involved are expecting to film the movie relatively soon. The studio will continue to milk this cow until there’s nothing left.

On another note, FX also picked up a couple on non-vampire related films including The Hurt Locker, Knowing, and Push. All three movies are set to debut sometime in mid-2012. Having these films on their upcoming slate will be a ratings coupe for the cable network, but it will cost them a good chunk of change.

The license fee for the movies is based on their North American box office performance. If the third and fourth Twilight movies continue to go strong, each reaching the $200 million mark domestically, FX could end up paying close to $100 million for the quartet. (For a marquee film title, ad-supported networks usually shell out about 12% of the domestic tally and as much per as $24 million if the movie’s receipts total crosses $200 million.)

This would have been an even better deal for the fans had the movies gone to a broadcast affiliate like ABC,NBC, or CBS. At least that way everyone could watch it, and you wouldn’t miss out if you didn’t have cable. If the wait is that long, you might as well pick up the DVDs.

What do you think of FX picking up the Twilight series?