new nine poster

Just yesterday we brought you an amazing poster for the upcoming musical Nine, and now we have another one. The previous poster was glamorous and very professional looking, so why does the latest version look like it was photoshopped by a third grader? There’s something very off about it and I’ll show you exactly what it is.

Check out the full poster below…

The new Nine poster highlights Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Hudson. In the film, Fergie’s character is supposed to be an overweight prostitute, so why does she have a cinched waist in the poster? In the film she isn’t exactly huge, but she did put on a little bit of weight, a fact you’d never be able to notice thanks to this bad airbrushing job.

The studio is obviously selling her singer persona and not her character, because if they were she wouldn’t look so disproportionate. As for Penelope and Kate, they have drawn on cleavage and painted faces, which doesn’t surprise me. It’s understood that airbrushing is a big part of this industry but sometimes it gets ridiculous. You can see for yourself when you check out the poster below.

nine poster 3

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Source: Cinemablend