Do Not Disturb filming LA 112409

We’ve officially wrapped day one of Do Not Disturb and Eric Balfour’s, Duccios Madonna has been made! Amazingly enough it all came together pretty damn well. Thanks to an amazing cast and crew, we managed to get all of our shoots by the skin of our teeth, with no major break downs or explosions.

Tomorrow we’ll be giving the studio over to our AD in order to allow him to make his own short film (and help us balance our budget).

I’ve been on a set for 13 hours with almost no sleep for I’m not sure how long, so I’ll just let the videos do the talking…

Some behind the scene footage with Maureen Flannigan and her hair as the “Escort”….

And Eric talking to myself and Diva about her script for a scene…

Thank you to our day one, Duccios Madonna crew!

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