hangover oscar

A while back, we brought you an article stating that last summer’s The Hangover may go from a box office to a critical success this awards season. There had been rumors that the film’s producers were trying to market star Zach Galifianakis as a Best Supporting Actor contender for the Academy Awards, and now their going for Best Picture.

This year, everyone seems to be going all out for awards contention. The Oscar campaigns are in full swing and with ten spots available for the biggest award of the night, everyone’s throwing their hat into the ring. Over at FirstShowing, they picked up on a surprising piece of promotion for Todd PhillipsThe Hangover. It was an ad for awards consideration in every category, but specifically Best Picture (Musical or Comedy), which means it could be aimed towards the Golden Globes.

If we’re talking Golden Globes, the film does have a fair shot at getting some recognition for the performance given by Galifianakis. As I stated in the other post, if Robert Downey Jr can get a nomination for Tropic Thunder, why can’t Zach get one for this? It seems like the perfect way to finish off a career launching year for the actor.

As for the Oscars, historically comedic performances aren’t given as much clout as the dramatic, but every once in a while they do slip through the cracks. The film getting a Best Picture nod seems near impossible, but Galifianakis earning a Best Supporting Actor nomination not so much.

Do you think The Hangover could receive a Golden Globe or Oscar nomination?