Today has been one of the longest days of my life but I can proudly say that IT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Despite the minor fires that erupted earlier, everyone is on track and ready to get moving on Do Not Disturb! We begin shooting tomorrow morning at 7am. I got to approve my first call sheet today :) And yes I LOOK like I’m just laying around on the bed in the picture above but I was actually blocking a scene and talking on the phone to our Script Supervisor Maia at the same time (multi-tasking rocks!), so there!

Only 24 hours ago we were far from where we needed to be, mainly due to the lack of hands due to the lack of budget. Director Brandon Nicholas officially saved all of our asses…


Not only did he manage to rig the curtains, but build a valance and do a huge part of our carpentry and set design. Many trips to Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond later, our hotel room actually looks like a hotel room….


The room has some how come together, a number of the DPs and directors have done walk-throughs, the props are all lined up on their prop table, Indie Rentals supplied us with all the lights (which are standing by) and camera equipment that we needed (thank heaven!), and by some kind of miracle (and a lot of phone calls) we have all our crew lined up for tomorrow at 7am.

Director Eric Balfour and his film Duccios Madonna will lead us off tomorrow with actors Harris Goldberg, Maureen Flannigan, and Diva Zappa. They just had their final rehearsal and sent me their shot list and everything looks ready to go!

We did end up finally finding our sheers which seemed impossible…


We have a RED Camera Tech in place for tomorrow, but still need one for the weekend (I’m sure we’ll find someone!). We have a lot to do before tomorrow is over but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good.

I do have to be up at 5am in the morning, so I’m calling in a night. Be back soon.

Hopefully with good news from our first shoot day!

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